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    Welcome to Holy family convent

Welcome to Holy Family Convent

J/ Holy Family Convent is one of the pioneer schools in Jaffna. It was established in 1845 with the aim of providing English education to the girls in Jaffna. It was first managed by an Irish lady called Mrs.Flannagan. In 1862 the school was taken over by the sisters of the Holy Family and became the first convent school in the Island.

The school in centrally situated in the residential area in the middle of the town. The population is predominantly Roman Catholic. The students come mainly from middle class and working class families.

At its inception the school had only four teachers and about 100 pupils. The present strength of the school is nearly 2000 Students and 76 Teachers.

Oli Vizha - 2017 ( 16th November @ 09.00 am )

" Glory to God Alone "







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